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Animal Hospital in Gulf Breeze, FL

animal hospital Navarre, FL Welcome to the Soundside Animal Hospital. We believe in the pet-human bond and consider your pets part of our family. Because of this, we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of veterinary care using the most advanced technology available.

Our commitment is to offer personalized health care for your pets with competency and compassion. We carefully select and train our staff so they may provide excellence in pet health and client services.

We are a full service pet hospital, animal hospital and veterinary clinic offering vaccinations, preventative health care, dentistry, emergency medicine, and surgical procedures.

Just like people you should have your pet examined by a professional at least once a year. Having your pet examined annually can help detect and prevent any future problems, so schedule a check-up for your furry friend today!

If your pet is also showing any signs of illness, be sure to call Soundside Animal Hospital right away. 

Our pet hospital will ensure the recovery of your animal!

Our comprehensive set of services allows us to care for your pet's complete wellness. Our dental services are performed with Midmark high speed dentistry machines, advanced dental work is done with an ultrasonic laser and we are able to perform routine cleanings, extractions, growth removals and advanced oral surgery.

Just like you, your pet needs to have healthy teeth and gums. We can help ensure your pet's mouth is healthy.

We offer ultrasounds with our diagnostics system that can give you a detailed evaluation of organ systems, including soft tissue abnormalities, bladder or kidney stones and abdominal tumors.

Our diagnostics lab provides in-clinic electrolyte analyses, chemistry spectrums, complete blood counts, urinalysis and microbiology. Our digital radiology system lets us analyze enhanced images so we can give you a more accurate diagnosis. 

Our laser surgery capabilities provide your pets with the recommended procedures for spaying, neutering and growth removal. The benefits to this system include reduced bleeding, decreased pain and reduced risk of infection, so your pet can recover quickly and be back to normal as soon as possible. 

Our surgery patients receive the safest anesthetics and are monitored with pulse oximetry during all procedures.

Soundside Animal Hospital provides a complete in-house medical laboratory, pharmacy, radiology department, laser surgery, ultrasound and telemedicine. (Telemedicine allows telephone and internet consultation with veterinary specialists nationwide.)

We invite you and your family to tour our hospital. We are open: 7:00 am till 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. We are proudly serving in Navarre, FL and Gulf Breeze, FL areas.  We are located in Harvest Village Suite #3, 7552 Navarre Pkwy. Navarre, FL 32566. 

Call us today to schedule an appointment for your pet, 850-939-6080.

pet hospital Gulf Breeze, FL veterinary clinic Navarre, FL

Southside Animal Hospital has two veterinarians on staff, Dr. Henri Escuriex, DVM and Dr. Tricia Pharr, DVM.  Dr. Escuriex graduated from Louisiana State University of Veterinary Medicine and has a wide array of veterinary experience.

He first opened a practice as a large animal veterinarian and then Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital in 1987. Dr. Escuriex focuses on personalized pet care at Southside Animal Hospital and has a special interest in orthopedic, soft tissue and oral surgery. Dr. Pharr is a graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine with a year of clinical training at Auburn University.

Dr. Pharr also has a Bachelor's of Science in Marine Biology and has volunteered with the Stranding Center for Marine Mammals along the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean Sea Turtle Project in St. Kitts. Both Dr. Escuriex and Dr. Pharr are members of the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association.

For emergencies during the weekend and after-hours, calls are answered until 9 p.m.  Call 939-6080. If we are unavailable to help with your pet's emergency, please contact the Pensacola Animal Emergency Clinic at 850-434-3924. 

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Full service hospital, vaccinations, preventative health care, dentistry, emergency medicine, and surgical procedures.

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Soundside Animal Hospital

We are committed to compassionate animal care.
Thu Apr 10 08:45:00 EDT 2014

With us, your pet will be treated with kindhearted care from nose to tail. For animal care that is unparalleled, come to us. 

Training tip:
Wed Mar 26 14:27:00 EDT 2014

When teaching your dog to sit, hold your hand high over their head with a reward in it. Your dog will look up at the reward.

Check out other tips on our website at

Preventative Health:
Wed Mar 12 14:25:00 EDT 2014

Have your pet examined by a professional at least once a year. Having your pet examined annually can help detect and prevent any future problems, so schedule a checkup for your furry friend today!

Cat Tip:
Wed Feb 26 12:38:00 EST 2014

Be sure to brush your cat daily. This will remove loose fur, which your cat will then not swallow when grooming. That leads to less hairballs coughed up. 

Wed Feb 12 12:37:00 EST 2014

When you stop in to us, don't forget to check in!

Wed Jan 29 11:06:00 EST 2014

Give us feedback on our services when you call: (850) 939-6080 or email: today!

Remember That...
Wed Jan 15 11:00:00 EST 2014

“To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Happy New Year!
Tue Dec 31 12:15:00 EST 2013

All of us at Southside Animal Hospital would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and nothing but the best for 2014!

Tue Dec 17 12:13:00 EST 2013

Soundside Animal Hospital recommends feeding your pets products by Natura, as they only use ingredients you'd eat like quality meats, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit their website at

Examinations Once a Year:
Tue Dec 03 11:08:00 EST 2013

Southside Animal Hospital suggests bringing in pets once a year for an examination by one of our professional veterinarians. The annual examination can detect any problems or changes in health that need to be addressed to keep your pet safe.

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  • 1983 graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • American Veterinary Medicine Association
  • American Animal Hospital Association
  • Florida Veterinary Medical Associates
  • American Holistic Veterinary Medical Assoc
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